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Learn to use the Corda DLT platform

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Welcome to the Corda Training!

Corda is an open source blockchain platform to solve complex business problems.

Permissionless blockchain platforms, in which all data is shared with all parties, are largely unsuited for businesses. Corda was designed to only share data with relevant parties. Corda is flexible and scalable and ensures a high level of privacy and security.

Distributed Ledger applications on a high performance, enterprise grade platform. That is Corda.

Why follow this training

You will be able to

  • design distributed ledger solutions based on a deep understanding of this new paradigm
  • skillfully execute, producing code that showcases your understanding of best practices and knowledge of the SDK

Who should follow this training

  • Enterprise developers
  • Consultants and freelancers
  • Startup founders and CEOs
  • Enthusiasts

What’s inside

The course provides theoretical material and a lot of hands-on experience.

First, a little theory.

  • Blockchains, distributed ledgers and Corda’s unique design
  • The Corda value proposition and use-cases

Then, hands-on practice

  • Up and running with an example CorDapp
  • Your first CorDapp
  • Deep dive, advanced techniques and best practice

How to use this training

If you are new to blockchains and distributed ledgers, start with the fundamentals module. This brief overview of the universe of distributed application platforms provides background information that will help you appreciate Corda's unique approach. Carry on to Key Concepts to discover Corda's unique approach to distributed applications for enterprise settings.

As you work your way through the exercises you will construct a realistic CorDapp with incrementally increasing sophistication as you learn. When you are invited to work on your own, a solution is provided in the next section. Look for the expandable Code panels that present links to the code. Advanced users who want to skip over early sections can jump in later by using the solution example of the previous exercise.

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Get 3 months access to the authors and experts who created this training.

  • Expert instructors will review your code and help you to refine it.
  • One-on-one support and mentoring from expert instructors.
  • Collaboration with fellow students in a dedicated Training Slack channel.
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