Deploy and remove your CorDapp

Make your CorDapp available on the network

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You have a running Corda server with the CorDapps that came in by default. Now you want to put yours in.

Deploy your CorDapp

You already packaged the signed JAR and it is ready to be dropped in your node.

  1. First, stop the Corda runtime of your node. Either:
    • With sudo systemctl stop corda in your VM's terminal.
    • Or kill or CTRL-C the corda.jar process.
  2. Then add the new CorDapp JAR file(s) in the cordapps folder of your node.
  3. Start the node. Either:
    • With sudo systemctl start corda.
    • Or sudo /opt/corda/run-corda/sh.
    • Or sudo -u corda java -jar /opt/corda/corda.jar in a screen session.

Confirm success, for instance, by listing, in the node shell, the flows available.

Remove a CorDapp

Once you remove a contracts or flows CorDapp from your node, you will no longer be able to use the related states or flows. Note though, that a deleted contracts CorDapp may still be present in the attachments store, and may be downloaded again from another node as part of the verification of a transaction history.

To remove a CorDapp from your node:

  1. Make sure that there are no running flows that use the to-be-deleted CorDapp, by draining your node. If the flow on your node is a result of responding to a flow from another node, the initator flow must be killed as well. Otherwise it will be stuck waiting for your node's response.
  2. Stop the Corda runtime of your node.
  3. Remove the CorDapp's jar file from the cordapps folder.
  4. Start the node.
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